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Clever Canines was established in September 2007.  Since then, we have donated over
to animal and community related causes.
The co-founders of Clever Canines Therapy & Obedience Club do not keep proceeds generated from our obedience classes for our personal gain. All income from teaching obedience classes is used to cover basic expenses and in support of animal and community related organizations and causes. We have recently donated to the Hopewell Humane Society. We have also donated Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks to several local fire departments as shown below. If you are interested in purchasing Pet Oxygen Masks for your local fire department, please go the website for further information. Mask sets cost $55 each. Consider making a donation of a mask set in honor of your four legged friend!

On October 15th, 2008, Clever  Canines' Founders Julie & Susan presented Colonial Heights Fire Department Chief, A.G. Moore, with 2 sets of Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks. These masks can deliver oxygen more efficiently to a distressed animal than oxygen masks made for people. The set consists of 3 different sizes of masks. Large and medium for large and medium sized dogs and small for small dogs or cats. Colonial Heights has 2 fire stations and these will go with the fire engines whenever they respond to a fire or call for help.

 On February 11th, 2009, Clever Canines founders Julie and Susan presented Petersburg Fire Chief Hairston with 9 sets of Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks. Approximately one week later, one mask out of a set was used to save a dog's life. The little dog was caught in a fire in it's owners house and was unconscious when the firefighters brought her out of the house. When given oxygen through the mask, the dog came around and was taken to a local vet. While we hoped that these masks would never have to be used, we are so thankful that these brave firefighters were able to use them.

On February 2nd, 2009,  we presented Prince George Fire Department Chief, Max Bornstein, 11 sets of Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks.

On March 25th, 2009,  we traveled with our dogs to Prospect, Virginia to attend a Fire Department Association Meeting. At that meeting, we presented Dinwiddie Fire Marshall, Tony Williams, 5 sets of Pet Oxygen Recovery Masks. We also gave 1 set each to the volunteer fire departments in Prince Edward County.

Susan and her  well behaved Labrador demonstrate how to use the Pet Oxygen Rescue Masks. When we go to a fire department to present masks, this lab is always willing to show them how it is done.

May 2010, a donation of $500 was given to the Hopewell Humane Society. Donations of varying amounts are given a couple of times a year to the Hopewell Humane Society.            

September 2011 -  - $1835.61 was donated to the Hopewell Humane Society to replace the fence which had been damaged in a storm.            




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